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Start Homeschooling

Your first year of homeschooling can be overwhelming if you don’t allow yourself a little grace and compassion. Before you start take time to process all that has gone on this year and make room for joy in your homeschooling day even if it’s something really small.

First Steps:

  • check local laws
  • choose curriculum
  • carve out space in your home
  • plan activities & hobbies
  • meet up with other homeschoolers

Check local laws

Check local laws for homeschooling. You will likely need to let the public school you are zoned for know you will be homeschooling for the year. You may need to write a letter of intent to formally notify them.

Each state has educational standards they follow. Most comply with CCSS. Check your state listings to see what is expected of homeschooling families in your area.

Choose Curriculum

The next step is to choose homeschool curriculum. You will be responsible for teaching all of the core subjects and extra curricular activities. You should keep record of the programs you are using, what and when you are teaching it just incase.

teacher writing on the blackboard
Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

Carve out Space in your Home

Now it’s time to make some room for your budding (or big) learners to grow. A homeschool room is lovely but not everyone has that much extra space. If that is more likely your situation you can utilize other household space for school activities like the dining room table for workbooks and writing, a cozy couch for reading and outdoor space for activities.

Plan Activities & Hobbies

Plan in advance for hobbies, crafts & Projects that will compliment your child’s studies. This helps make the learning more fun & memorable.

Meet up with Other Homeschoolers

Check your area for local homeschooling groups. They often have meet up days for kids to be social & play or learn cooperatively.

Other Ideas:

Here are some popular homeschooling topics:

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