Farm Activities

This eBook helps kids build:

  • Confidence
  • Independence
  • Beginning reading, writing & math skills
  • 30+ Days of Play Based Farm Activities including:
    • STEM
    • Art Projects
    • Snack Recipes
    • Weekly Shopping Lists
    • Activity Calendar & more!
  • Beginning Skills Practice;
    • Reading: Farm Books, simple songs, poems and books with Rhyme,
    • Writing: begins to write first name,
    • Science (farm animals)
    • Math: begin to sort, begin to add and subtract simple numbers
  • Great for homeschooling, multi-age households, babysitters, nannies, school breaks or after school activities!

“There are so many ideas I cannot wait to try, THANK YOU FOR THIS!”
– Alicia P.

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farm activity calendar

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Farm Activities