Dinosaur Theme

  • Dino Themed Game Ideas
  • DIY Dino Scavenger Hunt
  • Easy Dino Sensory Bins
  • 30+ days of Dinosaur Activities
    • STEM, Scavenger Hunt, Art Projects, Weekly Shopping Lists, 30 Day Activity Calendar & more!
  • Flexible play-based curriculum with Scope and Sequence (Kindergarten and First grade ELA & Math skill building activities) Great for multi-age households

“This book is easy to follow. It breaks down materials needed (shopping lists are SO helpful) & has instructions and notes about each activity. I like the suggestion to do this with friends.”

  – Ann J.

Not ready yet? I totally get it… but don’t leave empty handed.

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Paleontologist Costume

Dress up is something I don’t think kids get enough of these days. I never had theme related costumes as a kid so I just went in my moms closet and wore whatever I could reach.

Dinosaur Toys

These were also gifted to us and I don’t think we have one single toy set that has had as much use as this one. It was the inspiration for our birthday party theme that year, was set out for cousin & birthday friend play & has been the star of many dinosaur related activities including several scavenger hunts and sensory play bins.

Dinosaur STEM Toys

I love toys that fit a theme and teach a skill set or unrelated concept! These STEM kits are SUPER fun & are a great independent activity. This set builds the muscles in the hands that are required for fine motor skills activities. It requires that they problem solve. If they put a piece in wrong, they’ll (eventually) notice and fix it,

Dinosaur LEGOs

My son got this dinosaur set as a gift when he turned 3. It was far too advanced for him but he loved it anyway. It was a great mommy & me project about following directions, patience and perseverance. We built it together and set it on a shelf for about 6 months until he wanted to invent his own dinosuar (that the “big boy” LEGOs weren’t as hard for him to put together. Now he’s almost 5 & still treasures it!

LEGO Duplo Set

If you’re looking for a gift this set would have been more appropriate for a 3 year old but he didn’t seem to notice or care.

Dinosaur Theme