Arctic Animals Theme

This eBook is full of hands-on learning fun with a Polar theme.

Kids will focus on learning about Polar Bears & penguins!

All activities are multi-age and support kids ages 3-7 (preschool to first grade).

I use this format to support my son’s preschool home-school program, however, these activities could easily be adapted for classroom use as a cooperative center or play invitation.

All activities are play-based and meant to build foundational skills (fine motor, number sense, beginning reading & writing skills & behaviors, sensory play, imaginary play, etc.).

An activity calendar, Scope and Sequence for the month & weekly shopping lists are included for your convenience.

Each activity can easily be modified to fit your child(ren’s)/ students needs. There is also a list of mentor texts that support the Arctic/ Antarctic themes and reading skills and behaviors for this monthly unit.

30 Day Activity eBook includes:

  • Activity Calendar
  • Snack Ideas
  • Book List
  • Sensory Play
  • Play Invitations 

Printables included (by subject):

Language Arts:

  • Early reading behaviors & skills
  • Mentor Text Book List
  • Arctic Poetry
  • Language Arts Suggestions


  • Number sense: subitize,
  • 1-12 & doubles facts
  • Math Game Suggestions

Arctic Animals Theme