About Me

Hi, I’m Serena!

Mama, Blogger & credentialed teacher.

It is my goal to provide you with the best free or low cost activities to enhance learning at home!

3 Adjustments you can make to MAXIMIZE At-Home Learning

  1. Child-led activities Take time to plan the activities around their interests and abilities or just follow their lead. Use the questions kids ask and topics they are interested in to make learning meaningful at home.
  2. Multi-age Activities are the way to go! It can be exhausting planning and putting together kids activities but it doesn’t have to be! Everything I use is multi-age so that kids have the much needed repetition and time to master concepts and skill.
  3. Integrated Activities combining related topics like Science , Math and Language help to get the best bang for your collective learning effort.  Unit studies, themes or project based learning are the most common ways to integrating activities.

We started homeschool (preschool) by accident! We had so much fun together that I began planning formal thematic units and planning for our preschool year.

Our 2 big idea goals were more quality time & kindergarten readiness.

What we got out of it over the next 2 years was so much more! He was a whole grade level ahead in math and right on track for learning to read!