About Me

Hi! I’m Serena, a preschool mama, blogger & credentialed teacher. 

I help parents make meaningful at-home learning experiences through play.

We started preschooling at home by accident. I missed my buddy while I was at work all day and I felt like I was missing out on his preschool years. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t blindsided by the demands of modern kindergarten so we started with simple gardening activities after work.

We had so much fun together that come winter we switched to indoor play-based learning activities and eventually I began planning formal thematic units and planning for our preschool year. Our 2 big idea goals were more quality time & kindergarten readiness.

I have taught K-3 for over 12 years, and never have I enjoyed teaching more than with my own child. Don’t get me wrong… I treasure my time teaching all children but it is really special to be able to provide that for your own child. 

3 Adjustments you can make to MAXIMIZE At-Home Learning

  1. Child-led activities Take time to plan the activities around thier interests and abilities. Use questions they ask and topics that are interesting for them instead of just grabbing whatever random craft supplies or ideas you have.  
  2. Multi-age Activities are the way to go. It can be exhausting planning and utting together kids activities but it doesnt have to be! Everything I use is multi-age so that kids have the much needed repetition and time to master concepts and skill.
  3. Integrated Activities teaching mutliple topics at the same time like Science , Math and Language.

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