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It looks like we are going to try a safer-at-home halloween family celebration this year. We will be caring for my mom who is recovering from surgery and won’t be able to go out this year, even if it’s acceptable in our area.

Care to join us?

To set up your own Halloween at home gather what materials you have on hand (Arts & Crafts Supplies, Groceries, stickers, etc,) to create snacks, decorations & your own spooky fun at home!

Then make a list of anything you’ll need to pick up at the store to let spooky fun begin!

Halloween Snack Ideas

Each year we start making halloween snacks in September and would love to share some of our favorites with you:

Apple smiles

Make apple smiles with whatever you have on hand. You will need an ingredient to bind (peanut or other nut butter, sunflower butter, greek yogurt or cream cheese) and toppings that can be made into features like chocolate chip eyes, marshmallow teeth or a strawberry tongue- see photo. Here are 2 examples to help you get started:


  • sliced apples
  • sunflower, almond or peanut butter
  • sunflower seeds
  • strawberries


  • almond butter
  • marshmallows


Set one apple slice down. Spread on the binding food ingredient (nut butter, yogurt or cream cheese). Add on the facial features like sunflower teeth, chocolate chip eyes and strawberry tongue OR marshmallow teeth.


Hot Dog Mummies


  • Hot dogs (grass fed beef, turkey or meatless)
  • organic crescent roll dough

Cut crescent dough into thin strips & wrap around the hot dog. Bake according to crescent roll instructions & enjoy.

halloween deviled eggs

Spider Deviled Eggs


  • Develed eggs (Hardboiled eggs, mayo, paprika & salt. Slice hard boiled eggs in half & set aside yolk in a bowl. Add mayonnaise and stir. Put yolk mixture back to the eggs)
  • Large, Whole olives (about 1 can) cut in long thin slices (the legs, need 8 per body), & halves (the body)

Arrange the olives on top of the deviled eggs in the shape of spiders (pictured above), chill and enjoy.

halloween snacks

Jack o’ Lantern Cuties


  • Cuties (miniature Mandarin oranges)
  • Sharpie or non toxic black marker
  • Draw Jack o lantern shapes onto your cutie & serve.

Pumpkin Cuties

  • Cuties
  • Celery staks

Peel cutie, keeping the whole fruit in tact. Peel and slice thin celery strips to look like stems on your peeled Cutie pumpkin.

Ghost String Cheese

  • string cheese
  • sharpie or non-toxic marker

Draw ghost eyes and mouth directly on the string cheese wrapper. Peel and enjoy.

Halloween Decoration Crafts

We love us some arts & crafts! This year we are doing something I almost never do and creating a cookie Haunted House (think gingerbread house meets halloween. Trader Joe’s sells them for about $8).

Paper Jack o lanterns

Jack o lantern craft set (this is the easiest set up)

You can always just use what you have on hand and pre cut shapes and it set out process art style. If you make a lot of them this video is great on how to make a garland.

Haunted House

I used to make these with newspaper as the windows and doors with my second graders. It’s a really fun project. Use what you have and buy what you need.


We are enjoying I heartcraftythings’s paper bat craft! See the video to make your own!


These ghosts by Tammi Craft are super cute and not at all scary!

Q-Tip Skeleton

Another fun halloween craft I like the Qtip skeletons because I already have these things at home. I like to slightly bend the Q tips before cutting so they look more like real ribs.

Halloween Costumes

If you have a little time to spare making your own costumes can be a lot of fun!

Use items you have on hand and buy the rest. This was a SUPER easy costume to make and it cost less than $20.

We made a DIY Spider halloween costume from an old sweat suit (hoodie and sweat pants). It turned out really cute, I think… but I am kind of biased.

I bought the red fabric & a new pack of adult black socks (mens that I stuffed with newspaper) and viola! For the spider web on the back I just made the design with a hot glue gun, then I removed it so we could wear the hoodie again.

halloween bookmarks

Halloween Candy Alternative Ideas

I want to set out some non-perishable (very small) goodie bags with non-candy offerings too. Even though we aren’t going trick or treating I don’t want to not offering anything out to kids who are. We will just set a bowl a the end of our driveway with a thing of hand sanitizer & individually wrapped bags. We don’t get a ton of trick or treaters so I think we’ll be alright. It will be a mix of the following plus some traditional halloween candy for those who look forward to it.

Sugar free lolipops

Bulk toy set

Bulk favor set

Glow Sticks

Glow-in-the-dark insect rings

Surprise eggs construction vehicles

Surprise eggs miscellaneous

Bulk Mini Play-doh

Galaxy Putty

Birthday Party Favors- assorted

Halloween Traditions

Boo your Neighbors


Booing is a halloween tradition I hadn’t heard of until a few years ago.

Basically you make 2 goodie bags (or plate of treats but I feel like that might not go over so well this year with COVID and all) and secretly drop them off at a neighbor or friends house. They aren’t supposed to know it’s you and it’s funny because the first time we were Booed she was driving away (un-noticed by me) and hubby says” hey did you have plans with so-and-so? She’s driving away”. Busted!

Materials needed:

  • Goodie Bags
  • candy
  • non candy goodies (see party ideas above)

Switch Witch

The Switch Witch is the tooth fairy’s cousin (just kidding) & will trade your child’s candy for a toy (totally serious).

We were introduced to the switch witch just in the nick of time!

My little guy was old enough to remember if his candy disappeared and he didn’t remember eating it all but not old enough to eat more than a couple of pieces. He also had just had some dental work and the dentist said he was not to have candy. I didn’t think that was a realistic solution (I instantly pictured him in his teenage years binge eating candy) so instead we adopted the tradition that he can have a few pieces (and brushes and flosses right after) and the rest goes to the switch witch.

  1. Make up your own rules (how much candy will they pick to trade the witch, etc.)
  2. Buy a toy ahead of time to trade
  3. Set out your switch witch basket (we just use his halloween bucket & fill it with the candy we want to trade)
  4. Swap it for the candy & Viola!

There are a few different switch witch poem’s and some families make a switch witch basket but we are not that fancy. I need simple so I can be consistent each year.

lighted jack o lantern ornament
Photo by Spencer Selover on Pexels.com

Carve a Pumpkin

Every year we set out a pumpkin but we alternate what kind of a pumpkin we set out. We have carved pumpkins, drew faces on pumpkins, painted pumpkins & the easiest was when he was a baby and I was just too tired peel & stick pumpkin faces.

Roast Pumpkin Seeds

If you’re already making the mess of carving a pumpkin why not roast the seeds?

What are your favorite Halloween traditions?

Halloween at Home

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