DIY Summer Camp

Do your kids go to summer camp?

Two years ago we tried a DIY Summer Camp!

I was looking for a camp that would be a good fit for my son and the only one I found in his age group was way too pricey. My son was still pretty young and I wasn’t sure if he’d actually stay all day or not want to go home early so I thought for a fraction of the cost we’d try summer camp at home. 

Last year we revised our summer camp and extended the fun!

DIY summer camp ebook


This year we have revised our summer camp to a Quarantine Edition & included many DIY activites.

Since some of us are still hunkering down or opting for a Stay-at-home summer and it is likely that summer camps will not open up this year & NOW is a great time to buy your copy of our Revised & Extended Summer Camp at home eBook. NOTE: our ebook is set up with NO PREP summer camp ideas you can do at home. Free ideas in this post are a combination of low prep or non prep (with recommended themed kits or items so you do not have to prepare them yourself).

Care to virtually join us? It’s super easy:

  1. Get the ebook (above) or activity calendar (below)
  2. Buy the Kits or gather supplies at home for DIY
  3. Have fun!

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We chose a low prep way to summer fun. That means I print out this calendar and buy pre-made activity kits and set aside the materials on Sunday night.

Here is the month’s activities I have planned (get your copy free).

DIY Summer Camp activity calendar

DIY Summer Camp Materials & KITs:

Camping Equipment

Every camper needs a good Tent

Try this one from Alprang is great for indoor play (all weather) or outdoor play (mild weather). IT is not waterproof but will double as a cool space to check out some stars on a warm summers night!

A good toddler version is

This toddler tent is great for camping pretend play to help the littlest campers get ready for a real camping trip.


The next most important camping item (especially if you are really going camping) is the flashlight!

DIY Faux campfire (gather sticks & rocks to make a faux fire pit with semi-upright sticks and a rock border)

S’Mores fixin’s (chocolate bar, graham crackers, marshmallows & baby wipes) Bake these in a casserole dish, solar oven or toast marshmallows on skewers over a BBQ pit (best flavor)!

Ready to go KITS 

science kit

DIY Summer Camp Science 

Science Kit

basic arts & crafts supplies

Basic Art Supplies

Arts & Crafts Kit

We used the Giant Art Jar kit by Alex but since Covid 19- it has sold out. This one is a great replenishment alternative to your existing arts & craft supplies.

arts & crafts

1000 piece Art Supplies set

This is the most recent gifted item that we tried & we HIGHLY recommend it! This makes a better started kit or if you need to replenish your supplies for a larger family. It even has it’s own organizer with handle. 

Nature Exploration Kit

nature kit

Outdoor Adventure Kit

Pirate Dramatic Play

pirate dress up

We have used this pirate dress up set for a few years now and have gotten more than our money’s worth of dramatic play & halloween costume use. 

Need some more fun DIY summer ideas?

Last summer we had a blast studying the ocean at home.  Or go on a tidepool trip at low tide!

DIY Summer Camp

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  1. I used your FREE summer activities calendar and did the first week of science last week and my three boys had alot of fun with each activity and it helped me to get new ideas. We are excited to do more! Thank you !!

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