Coloring Pages & Bookmarks

2020 has been a year, hasn’t it!?!

Take a load off with some family coloring time. Great for days when you’re stuck indoors and when kids are tired of their same old coloring books. Here is some “big kid” coloring page & book mark inspiration! We started learning how to color like a “big kid” with Zentangle style coloring pages. Kids learn to color in small spaces neatly and build stamina for coloring. (Bookmarks are a great start- there is a smaller surface area for kids to color and you can use them to mark the pages of your read alouds right away!)

Free coloring bookmark Downloads:

Display your coloring pages as Art

We had a coloring playdate back in December using our new gel pens, zentangle style coloring pages & bookmarks.

The kids worked so hard and were really proud of their work so I added a few simple touches to make this activity extra special and make keepsake art pieces. (Just add a backing, construction paper or cardstock.)

If you are not able to purchase new art supply items don’t worry, you can do this at home using items you already have in your house unless you’re like me and need an excuse to buy some new art supplies! :o)

coloring page art wolf

Adding a few special touches after finishing a coloring sheet can turn your coloring pages into works of art!


Gel Pens– The glitter gel pens look AMAZING on intricate coloring pages & bookmarks (like the Zentangle designs). They are made for more intermediate or advanced coloring pages however younger kids can use them.

Construction Paper or Cardstock

Glue Sticks (1 per child)

DIY Book Marks

You can easily download and print book marks on Canva. It is a digital imaging app that has templates for book marks (black & white for coloring in OR ready to print & laminate) & you can even make your own coloring pages as well.

Open your account & search coloring bookmarks. It will bring up coloring bookmark templates. Select one you like & print OR select one (to use the size template) and edit to customize.

I highly recommend this site if you need custom bookmarks for specific occasions; beginning of the school year, birthday’s or holidays, etc.

Best Free Coloring Pages

First you’ll need to select your coloring page! See below for our recommendations.

Zentangle is a more intricate style of coloring page and we have been using it with Kindergarten through second grade (who love coloring) to work on fine motor skills like staying in the lines and choosing fun color combinations.

If you like the ones we selected you can download the wolf template we used here or the cat here.

Next you’ll need to choose what you’d like to color them with.

We used gel pens with glitter & neon colors however you can always try mixed media (markers and colored pencils or crayons). It looks nice as well.

Finally, choose the construction paper that makes your coloring choices pop. Black makes the neon colors my son chose pop, so we picked that.


Making your own bookmarks is SUPER easy. It can be as simple as a laminated plain piece of construction paper or you can get as fancy as you want.

We used printable bookmark coloring pages but you can always just hand draw doodles or print names on a piece of construction paper and laminate those.

Stickers– Mrs. Grossmans has the highest quality stickers and regular seasonal sales. Their online store is fabulous!

Glue Sticks

Craft Scissors

Laminator or packing tape (If you do not have access to a laminator use clear packing tape on both sides & trim. )

Best sites for printable bookmarks

After you have selected your bookmark chose what you will color it with. Our gel pens are glitter or metalic & look amazing in this style of coloring page.

“Mommy, I did my best & look… I’m an artist!!”. The first round of this project took him about a week to finish the wolf and when he was done I cut it out for him and he glued it down to the black construction paper to make the colors pop.

Frame it or laminate it to preserve it, these are sure to be keepsakes!

coloring pages

Tips for making bookmarks

The bookmarks were equally as fun to make!

I used what supplies we had on like construction paper backing and clear packing tape “laminating”. We printed the bookmarks on regular copy paper.

Then cut & glued it to construction paper to make it sturdier. If you do not have access to a laminator you can use packing tape to “laminate” them.

NOTE: Cardstock & a laminator would be way more efficient time wise but it’s fun to get creative & use what you have too!

coloring page art

Because I wanted to try something different we used Crayola metallic markers & stickers to decorate the back. According to my son they were “too boring” without.

Coloring Pages & Bookmarks

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