DIY Kids Activities Calendar

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DIY kids activities calendars help tie in learning with fun activities and make it way easier to stay organized. Learn step-by-step how to make your own, download my free calendars or buy the bundle.

Kids Activity Calendars are great for:

  • Homeschooling
  • Nanny/ babysitter
  • After school Activities
  • School Breaks
  • Stay-at-home or Quarantine

How to Make Kids Activities Calendar

DIY your own calendars in 4 easy steps!

  1. Choose your age group (multi-age activities are encouraged)
  2. Select your theme (STEM, Science, Your child(ren)’s favorite animal… etc.)
  3. Choose a Calendar Template (Google, Office Template, Printed calendar or DIY)
  4. Select your activities & fill up the days & weeks with themed activities

First, you’ll need to choose Who your activities will be for? Are you going to make different calendars for each child or are your kids close enough in age to make one calendar and kids do the best at their own level. I only recommended different calendars if the age groups (skill sets) are too far apart.

For example If you have a middle schooler & a preschooler I would do a project based calendar for the middle schooler & break down components of each project to focus on each week & the preschooler would have their own themed activities. Pair what they need to learn with topics they like.

Next select (specifically) what skills/ concepts you want your child to learn from these activities/ projects. Lead with your child’s natural interests and tie into developmentally appropriate skills or academics. Decide what theme you’ll do for the month (I prefer monthly themes because they help build a stronger relationship with the material but you could also do by week).

farm kids activities calendar

Popular Kids Activities Calendar Theme Ideas

You can download any of the individual hyperlinked activity calendars for free:

OR purchase our Kids Activity Calendar Bundle

How to Choose a Calendar Template

Choose which template best suits your needs and start adding the activities you selected into the calendar. I hand write them out first & type them up because I am old school & enjoy this process. If you’d rather type it out then you do you!

Organizing Kids Activities

As you begin to organize your activities you may want to choose a certain day of the week for a type of activity. Make it Monday, Library Tuesday, Writing-Wednesday (drawing and pre writing skills for littles), Science Thursday, and Fun Friday (a weekly family outing or field trip to support what you’re learning about). At first I structured our calendars this way because it was easier for me to keep track of but found out that my son appreciates the routine of doing certain things on certain days but not a rigid schedule where we do the same things every day. We use a Loop Schedule that a lot of homeschoolers use but use whatever structure works best for your family.

Add Clip Art to your Activity Calendar

This is mostly for looks but it’s kinda fun to have clip art or photos on your activity calendars. Kids enjoy looking at them, especially if you’re the kind of family that hangs stuff on the fridge.

What activities do you plan to try?

Post a comment and let me know what activity calendars you and your family come up with, I’d love to hear about it!

DIY Kids Activities CalendarDIY Kids Activities CalendarDIY Kids Activities Calendar

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