Gratitude Jars: Easy How To

Gratitude Jars

This super simple craft is a great way to bring gratitude into your lives.  Use Gratitude Jars for the holiday season, Valentine’s or any day you wish to express your gratitude!


  • Mason Jar
  • Paint
  • Glitter (Optional, its MESSY! If you do use glitter follow it up with a thin coat of school glue or mod podge)
  • Fabric scraps (square shapes enough to cover the lid with 2 extra inches of space on either side)
  • School Glue (if you use glitter seal it on with some school glue)
  • Paper strips

1. Paint the mason jars, (optional add glitter) & allow to dry. If glitter was applied, paint on a thin coat of Elmer’s glue or mod podge, allow to dry.

2. Select your fabric scrap, screw on the lid.

3. Bring this out anytime you need a moment to celebrate gratitude! You can bring it out at Valentine’s Day and call it a love jar or any day and call it a happiness jar.

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