Gratitude Jars: Easy How To

Gratitude Jars are a super simple craft and a great way to bring gratitude into your lives.  Discussing real life examples of what you are grateful for helps kids understand the concept of gratitude.

Use Gratitude Jars for the holiday season, Valentine’s or any day you wish to express your gratitude!


3 Easy Steps to a DIY Gratitude Jar

1. Paint the mason jars, (optional add glitter) & allow to dry. If glitter was applied, paint on a thin coat of Elmer’s glue or mod podge, allow to dry.

2. Select your fabric scrap, screw on the lid.

3. Bring this out anytime you need a moment to celebrate gratitude! You can bring it out at Valentine’s Day and call it a love jar or any day and call it a happiness jar.


Gratitude Jars: Easy How To

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