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Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite Holiday memories is making our own Christmas ornaments each year! Last year we started the tradition with my son.

My new favorite DIY method of ornament using household items and craft materials I already have and turn it into an ornament.


Glue large pieces of scrapbook paper or sturdy wrapping paper to the cardboard shapes.

Set aside & allow the glue to dry.

REPEAT steps 1 & 2 on the other side of the cardboard, add glitter if desired. 

Trim the excess paper off.


Iron the ribbon (cloth) so that it lays flat when you glue it.

Glue the ribbon in a criss-cross shape on the back of the ornament, trim the ends at an angle.

Add the ornaments to your tree & enjoy!

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Need arts & craft supplies?

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered, just buy it! These make great gifts or gift tags!

Ornament Kits:

Toddler Felt Tree

Include younger siblings with this felt tree for littles to decorate!

Tree (plastic) Ornament Maker Kit 

 Paper Ornaments 

Plastic fillable ornaments

Wooden Ornaments 

Ceramic Ornament

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations:

Christmas Garland



This is a simple and practical Christmas garland.  Using construction paper and an A,B,C pattern (preschool/ kindergarten math).



String the popcorn onto the fishing line or floral wire and make a garland for your tree or to decorate your home.

Christmas Picture Frame Gift


  • Popsicle sticks
  • School Glue
  • Cardboard (I recycled the backing of a cheap set of glitter glue sticks)
  • School photo
  • Ribbon

Popsicle stick picture frame are super simple to make.  You can use the wide craft sticks or the skinny popsicle sticks. I use what I have!


Christmas Gifts 2018

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DIY Ornaments, Gifts & Decorations

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