Dinosaur Games and Preschool Activities

Best Preschool & Kindergarten Dinosaur Games and Activities.

I organized our themed activities on an activity calendar. 

Dress UP

We dress up maybe once a month or a little more during rainy season.  At the very least it really comes in handy to have a dress up play box! I like to save our Halloween costumes for dress-up play.  This is a hand-me-down home-made costume that was gifted to us. I could not pass it up! If you don’t have a dinosaur costume kids can dress up as a jr. paleontologist!

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paleontologist costume

dinosaur activities ebook

Sing Songs

Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt

The first time we tired this out I kept it simple.  I grabbed a handful of our dinosaur toys and hid them around the backyard near like colors (so it lasted longer than 5 minutes).  He loved it so much I created this dinosaur scavenger hunt bingo scavenger hunt card.

It’s super simple to prepare & SO much FUN!

Dinosaur Sensory Bin– Long Ago

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

We made two different sensory bins because my son asked why some dinosaurs have bones and some don’t.

If you do not have dinosaur toys at home I recommend this as a starter set. They are inexpensive but a really great quality! It even comes with a book to help identify and learn more about each dino!

This sensory bin reflects how dinosaurs used to look long ago. I used the same Dinos from the scavenger hunt & added some prehistoric plants (left over from his dinosaur themed birthday party).

Dinosaur Sensory Bin- Today

This bin is how dinosaurs look today. The dinosaur “fossils” are also left over from the party.  If you are looking for toy dinosaur fossils these are the ones we purchased. They are quite durable and have survived a kindergarten class and my rough and tumble son.

STEM Dinosaur Maker Box

This idea came from the type of play he likes to call “my style”. He is very much into S.T.E.M. and designs and builds inventions weekly.

I took the dinosaur set we have been playing with and added dinosaurs, drinking straws and some painters tape & he was productively quiet for about 45 minutes.

Dinosaur Dig

dinosaur dig

Dinosaur Games & Puzzles:

4-in-1 Puzzle Set from Melissa & Doug 

My First Puzzle 

 Dinosaur Fossils Game 5+ (includes REAL fossils)

Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Bingo 

Dinosaur Board Game 

Dino-Opoly Game

Find It- Dinosaurs 

STEM build-a-dino! 

Lego Dinosaur 

Fossil Dig Kit 

Dinosaur Fossil Dig Kit

This inexpensive kit is really a great way to “find” some fossils!

We homeschool preschool (Eclectic) and this is the way I set up our activities. We are mostly play-based and I use this activity calendar to keep me organized.

I like that the activities are at-a-glance and I can easily prepare things a week in advance for those busy weeks when I need to. 

We average about 2-3 activities a week and at that pace this format is also great when you run out of ideas and need more ideas.

Download Dinosaur and Rocks Activity Calendar

dinosaur activity calendar

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Dinosaur Games and Preschool Activities

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