How to Revamp your Homeschool Space


How is your Homeschool space… Does it need a boost?

We were getting frustrated with clutter & it was time to revamp our homeschool space.

When I was a kid my mom and I would re-arrange & refresh my room every spring. She almost never spent money and if she did it was under $50. Instead she would re-arrange and repurpose things we already had to make it new & fresh & inviting again! It was so simple, and brilliant! It’s the end of summer and I am getting ready for a refresh!

We revamp our space whenever we need it & this year we decided to officially homeschool preschool!

This is not a post about our beautiful homeschool room is because we don’t have one!  We have a tiny house, I am super frugal & I was getting frustrated by the clutter and toy mess.  Since homeschooling is new for us I did spend a little money. I revamped the areas we use most & the total cost of our revamp was $20. It was a simple reorganization and we’re super excited about our new spaces and ready to begin our new year of learning together!

Here’s what we revamped and why…

We needed a dedicated homeschool space:

  • Organization & Storage
  • Independence
  • A dedicated work space
  • A place for completed projects

Think about what is not working as well as you’d like in your homeschool… what changes do you want to make?


Goal: independence, storage space & organization

We rearranged my son’s bedroom to give him more room to play AND more importantly make things easier for him to reach, organize and clean up after himself.

We are using the shelving for toys he can reach and put away on his how and we made one minor change to the closet that made a HUGE difference, we added a closet rod. This is embarrassingly simple and I didn’t know how badly we needed it until it was up.  He also stores his favorite arts & crafts projects on his shelf in his room.

It was a $20 (total) revamp and this was the only room where I spent money.

I spent $10.99 on a rack extension and $9.99 on some new hanger sets so we could hang up most of his clothes (folding and putting away clothes was super challenging for him but he LOVES using hangers). The clothes on the top rack are out of season or clothes he doesn’t care to wear as often.

closet organizer

He can now reach most of his clothes (off season clothes are up on the higher closet rod) and get himself dressed and ready ALL BY HIMSELF, my big 4 year old! (It’s SO nice).

homeschool space indoor


Goal: Supply storage, independent access to arts & crafts materials

Again, we do not have a separate homeschool room and our house is small. Things were beginning to clutter up and drive me bananas!

We have limited space in the living room and are making the best use of the “extra” room we do have. We never use the fireplace & re-purposed a book shelf to add some more storage space for open-ended play opportunities.

He favors arts and crafts or drawing and we used to keep those materials put away and I would have to go out in the garage and get all of the materials and set up and then clean up & put away when he was finished.

Instead of all of that back and forth I set up an arts and crafts bin. He can reach everything all by himself and play whatever he’d like. It’s organized and easy to see (and clean up).

homeschool space outdoors


Goal: Fresh air. sunshine, alternative learning space & outdoor education

I favor it for messy play and getting the wiggles out.  Then we started using our deck as a work/ play space when we have nice weather. We have been slowly adding plants and now have a garden.homeschool gardening

homeschool garden

We have since sprouted an apple tree & avocado (above), mandarin oranges, and a persimmon tree (not shown).



Goal: organize & simplify

The other game changing thing I organized was our curriculum. I am a former elementary school teacher & when I was teaching full time I was SUPER organized!  I had my curriculum planned a year in advance and I planned out my lessons a quarter in advance (and made adjustments as needed). If an administrator walked in I could pin point exactly what we were doing and who has met the goal, who was close to reaching that goal and what we were doing for this not at the goal yet.

For some reason I wasn’t nearly as organized with my son. It was nice to have a slower more relaxed pace but I was planning 1-2 days every month and making adjustments all the time.  It was overwhelming and frustrating and just felt like I was not doing it “right”.

So I created a homeschooling binder. I just buy a 3-ring binder each year and it’s super simple and has:

  • a planner
  • projects I want to try
  • curriculum outline for the year
  • a notes section that includes the activity calendars we use each month

How will you revamp your homeschool space?

Whatever it is that isn’t working for you in hour homeschool right now, change it!

If there’s something you’ve been wanting to try go for it!

I highly recommend revamping your homeschool once or twice a year.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and all I basically did was batch my organizing and planning time and declutter, rearranging and create a planner to simplify my planning.

How to Revamp your Homeschool Space

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