Best Books for Gardening with Kids

garden books for kids


Are you looking for the best books for gardening with kids?

Last spring we worked our way into growing a garden, it wasn’t the initial plan.

I just needed an after school activity to keep my son engaged in something productive until dinner time. We started a few simple activities and ended up uncovering some of the best gardening books (for kids)!

Reading kid friendly gardening books, planting a succulent garden, strawberries, kale, tomatoes and chard is how we began our family garden.

These books sparked the idea of growing something of our own and one project at a time we began our family garden. Use this book list for many fun years of gardening with kids!

Here are a few of the BEST books for gardening with kids:

Pick up a few gardening books for kids before you start a family garden!  Download our printable Book List HERE

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(by age):


The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss

A story of a little boy who plants a carrot seed and everyone tells him it won’t grow. This is less about gardening (although his patience and persistence in caring for his seed does pay off) and more about trust and faith and not letting everyone poo-poo your great ideas.

Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert

Beautiful illustrations with bold colors and simple text about a father and son caring for their vegetable gardens.

Bunny’s Garden a lift-the-flap book 

An interactive (lift-the-flap) book about a bunny’s garden.

The Little Gardner by Jan Gerardi

Super cute life-the-flap book about a little girl and her garden. This is a great spring gardening book.

Peek Inside The Garden Usborne

Great reference book even for the youngest garden enthusiast!

Preschool 3-6

Isabella’s Garden by Glenda Millard

Similar to the “House that Jack built” cadence this is the garden that Isabella built. Super cute story for kids 3 and up.

And Then It’s Spring by Julie Foglian & Eri E Stesd

Excellent read year round read! This book is told through the story of a boy and his dog wanted to change all of the brown scenery.  My son and I plant bulbs and it’s really hard to explain why we have to wait (almost a year) for the flowers to grow.   We start a garden each spring and this book is home collection worthy!

Flower Garden by Eve Bunting

Sweet story about a little girl who buys gardening supplies with her dad and starts a window flower garden for her mother. The illustrations are remarkable and the story itself is easy for children to memorize.

Sunflower House Eve Bunting

A super cute story about a little boy who (with the help of his dad) plants sunflowers. When it grows in it makes a sunflower house. A NO PARENTS ALLOWED fort for the kids to play in.  We will try to plant one of these when we have a decent sized back yard.

Planting a Rainbow Lois Ehlert

Ehlert is one of our favorite authors. This is a beautiful book to get started on a family flower garden. It lends itself to the youngest reader and the pictures are bright and colorful floral illustrations. You can get this book in the board book format or hardcover.

Eating the Alphabet

This great ABC book teaches kids about upper and lowercase letters through food!  It’s fun to learn about new fruits and veggies you haven’t heard of or even tried yet.

And The Good Brown Earth by Kathy Henderson

One of those great timeless books with a new lesson each time you read it.

Read it first to see the process of growing a garden. Then read it again to talk about patience (food doesn’t grown overnight).  I like that this book includes winter as a growing season (that’s when the growing begins for some plants) not the spring. Check it out at your local library and if you love it as much as we do buy a copy for your home library.

Roses Garden

Beautiful Illustrations and so many lessons in this creative book by Peter H. Reynolds (Author or the Dot, Ish, Sku Color, etc.). A dedication to the life of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy (the mother of JFK) in the “spirit of community, the beauty of nature and the power of faith”.

Flora’s Surprise

A bunny named flora plants a brick in the garden because she wants to grow a house next spring. Her siblings tease her and tell her nothing will come of it. But when spring arrives Flora and her siblings get a great surprise.

The Global Garden by Kate Petty

Interactive book about the worlds most used items that come from plants. What does a chocolate tree look like? Where does sugar grow? So many cool discoveries are to be made by the children who read this book as must have for your home collection!

National Geographic Reader: Seed to Plant

Best for kids ages 4-6 this is a super simple and informative reader.

A Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Carle’s A Tiny Seed helps teach kids about the life cycle of a seed as it goes through the seasons. The hardcover is smaller than most hard covers and comes with a seed embedded in paper to plant.

A Green, Green Garden by Mercer Mayer

Little Critter and his family plant a vegetable garden and wait to enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of their labor.

From the Garden by Michael Dahl

Counting and gardening all wrapped up on one super cute book! This is an all age favorite that counts various garden fruits and veggies to 12.

Lola Plants a Garden by Anna McQuinn

My favorite part of this book has nothing to do with gardening! I love that it shows the main character being inspired by poetry and I’d love a set of kid friendly gardening poems (please share if you have some). Lola reads a collection of gardening poems with her mom and is ready to start her own garden.

One Bean by Anne Rockwell

Great life cycle book for even the littlest gardener. BYOB (bring your own beanstalk).

Berries, Nuts and Seeds by Diane Burns

Use this book if you have wild berries on local trails, otherwise it’s still a great read with beautiful illustrations and will get kids looking for what wild food grows where you live!

Jack’s Garden by Henry Cole

Teach life cycle lessons with this exceptionally illustrated book. This book follows the “house that jack built” rhyme and the photos of are labeled well as a great vocabulary builder for younger kids.

Flip Float Fly Seeds on the Move by Joann Early Macken

Not all seeds need humans to plant them in a garden. This book teaches about how seeds are naturally distributed.

From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons

I LOVE Gail Gibbons’ books but I notice some are too detailed or wordy for our littlest learners.   This one is brilliant for gardeners of all ages (even the littles)!

Muncha!Muncha! Muncha! by Candace Fleming

Mr. Greenly finally plants his garden and then he has some unwelcomed guests helping themselves to his veggies.  This book is great for beginning readers, it has a simple repeating pattern and an engaging story.

The Vegetables We Eat by Gail Gibbons

Pretty watercolor illustrations show different kinds of veggies and introduce kids to healthy eating, among many other possible lessons.  The illustrations are a tad busy so some kids may get overstimulated. We like them and use them to play an I Spy game with veggies!

If you Hold a Seed by Elly MacKay

A very simple story (light on text) with some of my favorite illustrations.

Gardening Books for kids age 7+

Compost Stew

So many possibilities for this amazing book. Earth day, sustainable living, school or home garden etc… What can you start composting at home?

Usborne Gardening for Beginners

Amazing reference book for beginning gardeners, a MUST for your home library!

City Green by Anne Disalvo-Ryan

Amazing book for K-5 for the older grade it’s a great discussion starter on community service and how you can initiate change in your neighborhood that benefits all when a city girl turns an abandoned lot into a community garden.

Grow it, Cook it

If you have the space to even grow some of the ingredients this book is well worth the learning experience and the recipe suggestions are seem great too!

Grow Your Own Pizza Garden by Constance Ardesty

Sometimes I wish east coast pizza grew on trees but this is the next best thing!

Plant a Pizza Garden Kit

If you’d like to grow pizza ingredients in your garden this book is for you!

Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots by Sharon Lovejoy

Need some inspiration for your home garden? This book is for your. Learn how to grow a sunflower house or a container garden.

How a Seed Grows by Helen J. Jordan

Step-by step book about how to care for beans from seeds.

A Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston

General gardening greatness is found this book.  Mesmerizing illustrations and great seed and plant facts.

Gardening Activity Books:

Gardening Lab for Kids by Renata Fossen Brown

Gardening Projects for Kids: 101 Ways to get kids outside, dirty and having fun

Grow Your Own for Kids: How to be a Great Gardener

Our spring experiment turned into a wonderful family project!

As soon as we get home my son runs out to water our plants and when they were ready to eat he gets so excited to try it  and even if he doesn’t like it he still gives it a go!

Great Gardening Gift Ideas:

My Size Gardening Tools

Kids 3 piece Garden Toolset

Kids water can and shovel

Just for Kids Garden Gloves (ages 4-6)

(ages 3-5)

Frugal Ideas for starting a garden:

  • Ask friends or family members for “clippings” of plants that will easily sprout roots (ex: Succulents)
  • Start a grocery garden (save seeds from your favorite organic fruits and veggies, sprout and plant them) NOTE: some plants need to be grafted
  • Sprout seeds and give them away as gifts to family and friends
  • Make a plant journal or native plant field guide (no watering required!)
Best Books for Gardening with Kids

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