Best Board Games for Young kids

best board games for kids

Best Board Games for Kids

Cooperation, sharing and taking turns are super important life skills that children could almost never have too much experience with.

One way to start practicing is with board games. I introduced these to my son when he turned 3 (on a we’ll see how it goes basis) and we have been practicing them ever since.

I noticed the older he gets the more he really enjoys them. So much that we have begun collecting games and have a family game night.

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Board Games Ages 3 and up:

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Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

This game is a lot of fun and definitely one of our favorites! Kids practice taking turns, matching colors and fine motor skills (picking up colored acorns with tongs & flicking a spinner). There is a feature of this game we waited to introduce… if you spin a “sneaky” squirrel you can take one of the other players acorns. We’ve been playing for about 6 months (without “sneaky squirrel” & just introduced it. He wasn’t super thrilled about it when his acorn was taken but he was super excited to spin it himself! This board game has small parts so it’s not safe to play with baby sisters or brothers around.

Spot It Jr.

Is another great board game for kids! They look at 2 different cards & try to find the similar attribute (same animal). My son loves this game too but I think it’s because he usually wins. (Kids are generally better at finding things than adults!)

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

This game practices counting, colors, shapes and cooperation. There are separate directions for preschool age and Kindergarten which is nice if you have either or. If you have both age groups in your household I would establish family rules (that are fair enough for the little one but not too boring for the older siblings).

Stack it Up

This game practices counting, fine motor skills, hand- eye coordination & also has scaffolded directions based on age.

Melissa & Doug Picture Dominos

this is a preschool take on the traditional game we all know. I bought it because it’s a really good way for little kids to practice subitizing (recognizing numbers in dot picture form without counting). We are still learning that skill so in the meantime this game helps us practice counting, matching and taking turns. My son loves the pop up spinner this game comes with. Before you play this game it would be great to talk about numbers and do a small number sort (match written form of numbers 1-3 to start with the corresponding number of objects.

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Richard Scarry’s Busytown

Busy, Busy Airport I bought this because the kids are encouraged to move around during the game. Most board games you sit the entire time. Super cool for busy kids! You place the destination boards around the room & the kids drop a dice down a tower that rolls for them & they load up those plane and “fly” over to it. They practice following directions & taking turns. The player to collect the most souvenirs wins. This board game has small parts so it’s not safe to play with baby sisters or brothers around.

Connect 4

Classic 2 Player game for ages 3 and up. Similar to tic-tac-toe players try to match four chips in a row. This board game has small parts so it’s not safe to play with baby sisters or brothers around.


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Family Board Games for older kids

 5 Second Rule 

A family board game ages 10 and up this 3+ player board game. One player reads a card and has 5 seconds to name things in that category. For example: “name ways to keep in touch with someone”. The categories have different levels of difficulty so if you have younger players they will have the opportunity to answer questions correctly.


A word is given and players sing any tune thy know with that word in the lyric. 4-10 player teams are recommended for this Amazon Best Seller!


A mix, match and strategy game with 2-4 players. The simplicity of this game allows younger players (6 and up) to play.


A Card and Board game mixed into one. Markers are placed as you play a card so it is a little like Bingo as well, you win when you get 5 in a row. This game is best for ages 7 and up this game supports 2-10 players.

There is a Kids Version of this as well for players 3 years and up!


Multi-award winning game that is just like the name suggests it blends the classic telephone game with illustrations. Minimum of 4 players are required and it is sold in many different versions including 6, 8 and 12 players.

Have a favorite I didn’t mention? Let me know!

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Best Board Games for Young kids

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