How to make a Lego Busy Box

LEGO busy box

LEGO Busy Box-

I saw one of these online years ago and swore to myself I’d make it when my son was old enough to play with it I would make him a busy box! It was SO easy and super affordable.


For the Lego busy box you’ll need:



  1.         Hot glue the flat Lego piece to the lid, or grab the Matty’s Brik Kase (these weren’t invented when I made mine)
  2.         Add the Lego pieces
  3.         Enjoy!

I see a lot of busy boxes and they’re over stimulating for most young children and just crammed full of random toys. Legos are a simple open-ended play invitation to build & create on the go. We have spent a lot of time learning about clean up  (or letting go of lost parts).

No matter how you make them be sure to keep it simple and have a simple theme with a clear play invitation… less is more! Initially I wanted to make this for long car rides but now we use it anytime there is down time. We have brought it to doctors appointments, to the park & on play dates!

Happy building!


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