How to make Superhero Snow Globes

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DIY Superhero Snow Globes

Snowglobes are more than just a sensory experience at our house they are a childhood right of passage! They’re calming and just plain fun.  It doesn’t get any better than a snowglobe you made yourself with your favorite superhero!

We are SUPER into action figures at the moment and I thought my little guy and some of his buddies would LOVE to make a superhero snowglobe! We tried it out at home and loved it so much we are hosted a Superhero Snow Globe Playdate!

If you don’t want to pay for superhero action figures you can always search around the house and round up some of your figurines (any toy small enough to fit in the jar) but I caution you to think about how your child(ren) would feel giving away his/her toy to an eternal Masson jar prison.


Super hero action figures

  • 2-3 inch action figures (I bought mine at Ross because I needed them faster than the speed of Prime. One pack was 6 figures approximately 2 inch tall and the other was 3 approximately 3 inch figures. If you cannot find them in your area I have included a link for your convenience.)

mason jar

  • Masson Jars (I tried to re-purpose an applesauce jar but it leaked. I also tried using hot glue to seal the jar from the inside, also leaked. You can glue the outside but the hot glue inside dried too quickly- it’s cold here.)
    • for 2 inch figures use the Pint size (16 oz) NOTE: I had the pint self sealing jars – regular mouth on hand and those worked the best. They are a bit pricier but here’s the link.
    • for the 3 inch figures use the Quart size (32 oz) I had wide mouth jars on hand. They worked ok but I had to tweak the first one because it leaked. Either due to the styrofoam blockage or hot glue.

hot glue gun

  • Hot glue & Hot glue gun  or crazy glue (this glue is eco friendly and the gun is a good quality) and waterproof glue (I used just hot glue at first because I didn’t want to order another thing of glue- I literally have gallons! BUT, within weeks the hot glue became weak and the superheros started floating around. NOTE: after making about 15 of these the ones made with the crazy glue (to glue down the figures) held up better than the hot glue. Over time the hot glued figures had to be re-glued.

  • Small Styrofoam or other waterproof pieces to hoist up the figure (I save scraps from packaging for projects)

gold glitter

  • Clear Glue (2.5 oz per 16 oz mason jar, 2 inch Superhero Figurine or 5 oz- 1 full bottle for a 3 inch figurine). I buy the economy size make slime and refill the smaller bottles I have when they get low. (Add this to the water to make the snow fall slower.)
  • water

Do the first 2 steps BEFORE children are present to help!

Snow Globes Step 1

school glue

Mix up the water and glue solution (a 16 oz Masson jar will use approximately 1/2 of a 5 oz bottle or use 1 full 5 oz bottle if using the 3 inch figures you will need slightly less than the jar’s full ounce capacity due to the action figure taking up some of the volume.

If measuring is not your thing throw the action figure in the jar and fill with water BEFORE you glue it to measure out the water needed to add.

Snow Globes Step 2-

Hot or crazy glue the action figures to the styrofoam (or if using Styrofoam spheres, cut them into semi-circles), then the Styrofoam to the lid. Do a TEST to make sure the styrofoam fits into the jar before gluing and doesn’t block the seal before going onto the next step!

NOTE: I highly recommend using this above glue. It is waterproof and you won’t have to go back and fix it. I used hot glue the first time around and the superheros didn’t stay. Within weeks the heros were all floating around.

Snow Globes Step 3– NOW, Kids Turn!

  • Choose an action figure
  • Choose a glitter color & scoop or teaspoon into the empty jar (see above for recommendations)
  • Decide if they want snow and scoop that into the jar (see above for recommendations)

Snow Globes Step 4

  • Pour or scoop the glue/water mixture into the jar use a kid sized pitcher or measuring cups with a well protected surface (table-cloth)- if kids are helping  (we did this outdoors and the kids old enough to pour helped)
  • or pour into jar over a sink

Snow Globes Step 5

Close the lid- making sure that it is tightly sealed & ENJOY!

The kids had a blast making these!

snow globes

How to make Superhero Snow Globes

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