5 Internet Safety Hacks for Parents

Internet Safety is very important for families.

Here are some super simple ideas to help protect your family! 

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I use iPads at home and in my classroom. Occasionally I get a lot of questions from concerned parents about internet safety.  I share tips with parents and thought this could be really helpful information if more people knew about it.

Here are 5 Internet (safety) Hacks for Parents:

Extensions, Apps and Software can help you manage all that goes on electronically in your household. I invite you to consider looking into the following:

  1.  Install You Tube adBlock

    The ad block chrome extension to filter out the rolling and sometimes inappropriate ads for youngsters on you tube.

  2. Limit Screen time with an app or software:

    (This is mostly for older kids but good to know about now and use it when you need it.

    1. for iOS- look into Qustodio Parent or Surfie App (download and one month free)

    2. Time Boss Pro- PC or Andriod

  3. Subscribe to Commonsense Media’s Newsletter

    Use their parent section as a resource.This is an invaluable resource and I use it as a teacher and mom regularly.  (I am signed up as an Advocate because I am passionate about teaching students and parents how to use the internet as a tool. There is a wonderful Educator’s section as well if you are a teacher. If you’re not big on reading email news letters AT LEAST bookmark it on your computer so when issues come up you have your resource ready to go.

  4. Use Screen Time mostly-

          When you’re sick

          To indulge your child’s interests/ special project (one personal example is my son was very much into spiders              starting in September. He was fascinated with a book I had and to indulge his curiosity I found a Wild Kratt’s            Spider You Tube video and he LOVED it and learned even more about spiders.

          When you’re traveling

        5. Create a pre-screened You Tube Playlist-

Here are some of my favorite Educational YOU TUBE Channels:

Super Simple Songs

Mother Goose Club

Sesame Street– my son’s favorites were the special musical guests like Pentatonix  or Bruno Mars

Baby Einstein

Kids TV123

PBS Kids

San Diego Zoo

National Geographic Kids

I hope you find this helpful for if and when screen time is used in your home.  The best type of learning for kids is hands on play but I live in the world and realize this is not possible for most people all of the time. This is my solution to the most common parent worries about the internet and their kids.

Have a great educational channel or resource that was not listed? Let me know!




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