Quick Pizza Pancakes

pizza pancake recipe

Pizza Pancakes

What’s in a Pizza Pancake?

Well it’s just like it sounds. My son loves pizza, pancakes and inventing things and that is how Pizza Pancakes came to be in our home!

We have a standing cooking date each week.  This week in his dramatic play he invented pancake pizza (two foods we cook together) and I asked him if he’d really like to try making that. He was super excited and it actually turned out great!

Pizza Pancake Recipe


  • Pancake mix (we used Kodiak Cakes brand, decent protein, high fiber & just add water)
  • Pre-Shredded mozzarella or Pizza Cheese (we used 365 Brand from WF)
  • Pepperoni or any other pizza toppings (Note: we tried pizza sauce and it made it super soggy. We liked it better without.)


  1. Prepare pancake batter
  2. Cook pancake


3. Flip over pancake, add cheese while still warm & flip over for a few seconds to melt the cheese (approx. 30 seconds)


4. Add desired toppings and slice into pizza triangle shapes


      pizza pancake

They are not the most glamorous looking but they really do taste great!

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Quick Pizza Pancakes

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