Preschool Art Projects: Fall Art with Found Items

preschool art projects

Preschool Art Projects with Found objects

This simple no cost art project that requires no prep other than gathering fall yard droppings glue and paper. It’s a great multi-age activity if you have older kids too! You can do this activity in the spring & summer as well.

If you do not have glue or paper see the found art extensions at the bottom of the post for more temporary art ideas to make at the park, beach or on your sidewalk at home.

Gather Materials:

  • Natural fall yard debris (Use whatever you have. We found maple & redwood leaves, sticks & acorns. If you do not have these in your yard try a nature walk & gather what you can!)
  • Paper (we have an art easel from Ikea with a roll of art paper. We cut large pieces) any paper will do.
  • Glue (I gave my son the Elmer’s & I used the Mod Podge)
  • Basket, reusable bag or container to collect the yard debris

OPTIONAL: if you make regular trips to the library I highly recommend picking up a copy of Going on a Leaf Hunt or If You Find a Rock (these are excellent books to help prepare you for preschool activities or a focused nature walk)

  • I had the dabber for the Mod Podge
  • Tape to keep paper down. It was windy the day we did this

no prep fall art1. GATHER MATERIALS-

Using your basket, bag or container collect fall yard debris (or go on a nature walk & collect these items). You can go on a nature walk if you do not have leaves and such in your yard.

We did this one day as an after school activity (before we started homeschooling). It’s hard to tell from the photo (my apologies) but we collected maple leaves, redwood leaves, sticks & acorns! You may want to tape down the paper, it was windy enough where we needed to.

fall nature art

2. Demonstrate

Every preschooler should be taught how to use the glue. The easy pour spout requires a demonstration or a  reminder.  

preschool art

3. Create

Putting a dab or two of glue on the sticks or leaves may be a better idea than what we did. Even with a demonstration he made a giant globs of glue (pictured above).  It didn’t hurt anything it just takes a LONG time to dry.  Note: they the acorns will need more glue than just a dab.

You can model how to make patterns or a picture or let them get creative on their own.

I modeled mine and let him make whatever he wanted. I told him “I am making a spider web. Here is my tree and here are the leaves falling down because it’s fall.”

fall art with found items
4. Have fun!

My motto is “there are no mistakes in art” (or preschool activities)!  The whole point is to have fun spending time together and build up their confidence doing things “all by myself”.

5. EXTEND with related activities

As a fun extension of the activity there are many things you can do with the left over items (or if you do not have paper & glue) you can make nature mandalas or inspire loose parts play.

Nature Mandalas (patterns or designs using natural materials)

Using the left over pieces make patterns and art using the sidewalk, your driveway, deck as you canvass you can do nature inspired art anywhere!


Preschool Art Projects; Side walk found nature art “campfire”.

preschool nature art

Preschool Art Projects; Park sandbox mandala

Preschool Art Projects; Beach shell mandala

Preschool Fall Art;”spider trap” park sandbox.


Preschool Art Projects: Fall Art with Found Items

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