How to remove slime from clothes?

What removes slime?

We went to an epic birthday party this weekend complete with homemade slime and more cousins than we knew we had!

My 3 year old thought it would be funny to put his homemade slime on his bike seat, sit on it and then parade it around to see what the grown ups thought!

It was a 2 hour car ride home and I thought for sure this outfit was a gonner!

Mommy was seriously not happy. When we got home I grabbed all of the natural cleaners I had and finally found something that worked!

What was the magic ingredient that did it? Vinegar.

Tips for removal:

  1. Remove as much of the excess slime as you can from the item of clothing. (I dampened the dried outside parts first with water and let sit a minute or two while I scraped out the rest )
  2. Apply the vinegar ( I used white vinegar) directly to the fabric and rubbed gently.  My son was wearing a denim jean and a “dri fit” polo top. It worked well on both fabrics and didn’t fade nor damage either.
  3. Rinse
  4. Wash in the washing machine or with laundry soap so that the vinegar smell doesn’t linger.


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