5 Hacks to keep you eating healthier!

How to stick to healthy eating!

I  have a systematic formula for keeping up the momentum of eating well.  This includes 2 kitchen power tools that I literally couldn’t’ live without.

The first is a power pressure cooker, no joke it’s the best thing EVER (especially in the winter)!

My first ever pressure cooker was a Fagor it’s a modern version of the one our grandparents (or great grandparents) used when our parents were young. It is more affordable but you do have to monitor it more so that the food doesn’t burn.  This is not the case with the power pressure cooker. I throw stuff in, put on the lid and BAM!  It’s done in a fraction of the time and it tastes like I worked all day in the kitchen.

Vitamix is my favorite brand of a power blender. If you haven’t yet invested in a good blender, I highly recommend it!

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5 Hacks to Keep you Eating Healthier:

  1. PLAN IT OUT-what are you going to make and when will you set aside time to make it?
  2. SHOP & PREP (once a week)
  3. VARIETY- buy and prepare a variety of foods (Rotate 2 or 3 different proteins, fruits & vegetables)
  4. USE POWER TOOLS; Blender (Vitamix, Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set“>Magic Bullet or Nutri Ninja Pro (BL456)“>Ninja) & Pressure cooker. I live on smoothies in the summer and stews in the winter and mix up both in spring and fall to make sure I am eating enough fruits and veggies)
  5. Repeat

Other helpful tips:

  • Buy groceries and prep on separate days
  • Plan mostly simple recipes (“one-pot wonders” are my favorite)
  • Make food ahead of time
    • Pack your lunch the night before
    • Put smoothie ingredients in the blender in the fridge the night before! This helps you get out the door on time AND fuels your day!
  • No time to prep? BUY IT pre-washed, sliced or diced!

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