Easy Sugar Scrub Recipe

easy sugar scrub

Here’s an easy sugar scrub recipe that feels like a spa day in a jar!

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In a glass bowl mix the sugar and olive or almond oil well.

essential oils
Add in the essential oils & vitamin E.

I used the NOW brand because that is what I had at home, in fact I had everything at home already except the granulated sugar), mix well & enjoy.

This has great scrubbing power and the vitamin E oil makes it a little oily so be sure to use this when you’re not running out the door.  Start on your legs using maybe 1/4 cup and work your way up using less scrub. (This way you won’t feel too oily.)

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Classic Spa Day:

10 drops of lavender EO

15 drops of Orange EO

Tired Muscle Scrub:

10 drops of Panaway EO (Young Living)

2-3 Drops of Peppermint EO*

*Peppermint oil can be tingly, if it bothers your skin decrease the amount

Foot Scrub:

20 Drops of Lemon EO

5 drops of Tea Tree EO


Consistency: regular table sugar gives a great scrub and is my personal preference. If you want a more gentle mixture use fine sugar.

Aroma Therapy: use your favorite essential oil alone or your favorite combination of oils

*** optional: the vitamin E gives it a bit of a “greasy” effect, at first but it absorbs in and makes the skin feel soft for days.

Use it at night or when you’re not rushing out the door your skin will love you for it!  You can buy the capsule or liquid vitamin E 5000 IU at Amazon or Thrive.  I used Jason brand vitamin E oil.

sugar scrub recipe


Easy Sugar Scrub Recipe

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