Easy Sugar Scrub Recipe

easy sugar scrub

Here’s an easy sugar scrub recipe that feels like a spa day in a jar!

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In a glass bowl mix the sugar and olive or almond oil well.

essential oils
Add in the essential oils & vitamin E.

I used the NOW brand because that is what I had at home, in fact I had everything at home already except the granulated sugar), mix well & enjoy.

This has great scrubbing power and the vitamin E oil makes it a little oily so be sure to use this when you’re not running out the door.  Start on your legs using maybe 1/4 cup and work your way up using less scrub. (This way you won’t feel too oily.)

Print the Easy Sugar Scrub recipe

Classic Spa Day:

10 drops of lavender EO

15 drops of Orange EO

Tired Muscle Scrub:

10 drops of Panaway EO (Young Living)

2-3 Drops of Peppermint EO*

*Peppermint oil can be tingly, if it bothers your skin decrease the amount

Foot Scrub:

20 Drops of Lemon EO

5 drops of Tea Tree EO


Consistency: regular table sugar gives a great scrub and is my personal preference. If you want a more gentle mixture use fine sugar.

Aroma Therapy: use your favorite essential oil alone or your favorite combination of oils

*** optional: the vitamin E gives it a bit of a “greasy” effect, however if you use it at night or when you’re not rushing out the door your skin will love you for it!  You can buy the capsule or liquid vitamin E 5000 IU at Amazon or Thrive.  I used Jason brand vitamin E oil.



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